The best party ever! ….well that’s what the kids were saying

After a marathon cooking day on Friday, it all culminated yesterday for my niece’s 4th Birthday Party. It was her first proper party so we decided to go all out!

princess pirate party 1

princess pirate kids party 10

The theme for the party was princesses and pirates, and reports from the kids at the end of the day was that it was the best party ever – success!

princess pirate kids party 11

princess pirate kids party 12

princess pirate kids party 13

The hero of the day was definitely the princess castle cake. My sister-in-law and I tackled this mammoth cake together, using the Wilton Romantic Castle Cake set, we made everything for it, including all the little fondant flowers! The bottom cake layer was vanilla and the top was strawberry butter cake. Excluding the cake baking time, it took us 5 hours to complete, but we were so pleased with the final cake, it looked amazing!

princess castle cake

Also on the menu was the impressive candy buffet. We made pink princess cupcakes, black and white pirate cupcakes, strawberry macarons, marshmallow pops, princess crown cookies and pirate skull cookies.

princess pirate kids party 2

Princess Pirate kids party 3

princess pirate kids party 4

princess pirate kids party 5

princess pirate kids party 6

The colour theme was pink polkadot and black and white stripes. I also made all the little labels, thank you cards, cupcake toppers, and the flag bunting to match with the colour theme.

princess pirate kids party 7

princess pirate kids party 8

princess pirate kids party 9

Best…Party…Ever… And the birthday girl loved it which is of course the most important thing!

Princess Pirate Party: A couple credits in case you want to know where anything came from…
– Wilton Romantic Castle Cake Set
– Paper Eskimo pink spot & black stripe cupcake cases, cups, & napkins
– Meri Meri Princess & Pirate Party Hats
– Shmick pink spot & black stripe party bags