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Salted Butter Popcorn Macarons

Yep, I’m back on the macarons after a bit of an absence from the bloggosphere of late, and what better way to return than with these awesome Salted Butter Popcorn Macarons. I can’t… Continue reading

Bubblegum Macarons

My love affair with the gorgeous macaron continues on strong with these Bubblegum Macarons, and I have to say, I think these might just be my new favourite! If you want a flavour… Continue reading

Chocolate & Salted Peanut Butter Macarons

Yep, another macaron recipe, and I’m unapologetic because macarons are still awesome in my books – especially these Chocolate & Salted Peanut Butter Macarons. That’s right not only another Macaron recipe, but also… Continue reading

Banana Macarons + some handy macaron baking tips

Ok so I know I’ve posted a lot of macaron recipes already, I seem to be a bit obsessed, but I just love trying out new flavours! The amount of flavour you can… Continue reading

Strawberry Macarons

So as you would have seen from my last post we celebrated my niece’s 4th birthday last weekend with an amazing dessert buffet. On special request from my niece I made her some… Continue reading

I love Macarons…

Macarons, the ‘it’ sweet of the last few years. Rightfully so in my opinion too, good macarons really are divine. And if you’re lucky enough to have Adriano Zumbo macarons, you will forever… Continue reading