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Flourless Chocolate Cakes with Coffee Cream & Raspberries

I feel like I’ve posted a lot of chocolate cake recipes on here already, but in my mind there’s always room for another one, especially these Flourless Chocolate Cakes with Coffee Cream and… Continue reading

Chocolate Irish Coffee Cupcakes

Struggling to get through the 3pm afternoon slump? Not sure if you need a coffee, a sugar hit, or even a stiff drink? Well I’ve got the answer, Chocolate Irish Coffee Cupcakes. Chocolate,… Continue reading

Chocolate Espresso Syrup Cake… and a Happy 1st Birthday!

That’s right it’s foodequalshappyme’s 1st birthday. It’s been a whole year since I started this blog – well just over a year because I’m a bit late with this post – and all… Continue reading

Walnut Coffee Crumb Cake

Now stay with me, I’m going to stretch a long way to make this link… This weekend is the Queens Birthday long weekend here in Sydney, which made me think about posting something… Continue reading