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Banana Caramel Layer Cake

Scrumptious banana cake with caramel cream cheese frosting, chocolate ganache drip, and banana walnut praline.. oh yeah! This recipe was born out of a bowlful of overripe bananas and a desire to make… Continue reading

Banoffee Tiramisu

What happens when you cross a Banoffee Pie with a Tiramisu? This of course – Banoffee Tiramisu All the flavours of a Banoffee Pie – caramel, banana & cream – in the form… Continue reading

Banana, Cinnamon & Ricotta Muffins

I feel like I should probably apologise for posting so many muffin recipes, but I’m not going to. Muffins are awesome, there I said it. They are so quick and simple to make,… Continue reading

Banana & Nutella Scrolls

Yep you read that right, Banana AND Nutella Scrolls! We all know that Banana and Chocolate are a match made in heaven, but banana and Nutella is a pretty darn awesome combo too.… Continue reading

Banana Milo Swirl Muffins with Milo Mascarpone

Every now and then I get a pang of nostalgia, nostalgia for that childhood favourite MILO. But I recently thought to myself, why haven’t I baked with Milo? I mean I love it… Continue reading

Banana & Coconut Bread

Ahh banana bread, the socially acceptable cake that you can eat for breakfast, how could anyone not love it! I’m a big fan of both banana bread, and coconut bread (Bill Granger’s recipe… Continue reading

Banana Macarons + some handy macaron baking tips

Ok so I know I’ve posted a lot of macaron recipes already, I seem to be a bit obsessed, but I just love trying out new flavours! The amount of flavour you can… Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Brownies

So let’s set the scene. You’ve got a hankering for a chocolate brownie, but you don’t have any chocolate in the house, its raining outside so you don’t want to go to the… Continue reading

Banana “ice cream”

I feel a little bit like I’m cheating by posting this as a ‘recipe’ as such, but I recently discovered that not everyone knows about frozen bananas! I was chatting to a friend… Continue reading