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Anzac Bars

So what do you get when you cross an Anzac biscuit with a muesli bar, an Anzac Bar of course! Traditional Anzac biscuit flavours of oats, coconut and golden syrup, bulked up with… Continue reading

Jam Drops with fancy pants jam

A classic cookie is pretty hard to beat, I think they bring out the kid in all of us. Jam drops (or thumbprint cookies as they are sometimes known) have to be one… Continue reading

Honey Cakes with Honey Cream Cheese Frosting

We are all constantly looking for the hot new flavour of the month in cooking, but sometimes its just so rewarding going back to simple flavours. These Honey Cakes have the beautiful flavour… Continue reading

Chocolate Profiteroles

I wasn’t sure whether to call these eclairs or profiteroles because they are almost a cross between the two – Neither an eclair or profiterole in classic shape, I went with profiteroles because… Continue reading


I’m here to reassure everyone out there that sometimes when things don’t quite work perfectly, they can still be incredibly tasty! These Croissants are far from perfect, in fact on my third turn… Continue reading

Spaghetti & Meatballs Cake

My dad always says that he doesn’t want cake for his birthday, even though he will happily eat it whenever it’s around. This year I came up with a great idea to make… Continue reading

Banana & Coconut Bread

Ahh banana bread, the socially acceptable cake that you can eat for breakfast, how could anyone not love it! I’m a big fan of both banana bread, and coconut bread (Bill Granger’s recipe… Continue reading

Banana Macarons + some handy macaron baking tips

Ok so I know I’ve posted a lot of macaron recipes already, I seem to be a bit obsessed, but I just love trying out new flavours! The amount of flavour you can… Continue reading

Balsamic Strawberry Muffins

Strawberries are hands down one of my all time favourite foods. In fact I love anything strawberry flavoured, if I’m getting a milkshake it has to be strawberry, if I have a bag… Continue reading

Cinnamon Sugar Coated Maple Apple Cakes – I think I’m in love!

I saw this recipe in a Donna Hay cookbook a while ago and thought to myself, that looks good I should make that – I really wish I hadn’t waited so long to… Continue reading

Walnut Coffee Crumb Cake

Now stay with me, I’m going to stretch a long way to make this link… This weekend is the Queens Birthday long weekend here in Sydney, which made me think about posting something… Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Brownies

So let’s set the scene. You’ve got a hankering for a chocolate brownie, but you don’t have any chocolate in the house, its raining outside so you don’t want to go to the… Continue reading