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All about colour…. and layer cakes

This week it’s all about colour, because today I did this… That’s the Swisse Color Run Australia. It’s a 5km charity fun run in which you have to wear white and you run… Continue reading

Salted Caramel Slice

Salted caramel is a bit of a buzz flavour at the moment, but I’ve been addicted to it for years. Salt just does amazing things when added to sweets like caramel and chocolate.… Continue reading

Did you say fresh Honeycomb with Cheese?

When you think of classic flavour combinations you think of things like Tomato & Basil or Pork & Apple. Well I have one more to add to that list – Cheese & Honeycomb…… Continue reading

Brown Sugar Pavlova with Mangoes

Happy Australia Day! Yesterday was Australia Day, and I celebrated with a good ‘ol Aussie Pavlova, well my slightly pimped up brown sugar Pav …..and yes I know that if you’re a kiwi… Continue reading

Aussie Damper

With Australia Day fast approaching its time to pull out a few Aussie classics. First up is good ‘ol fashioned Aussie Damper. To give you a bit of history, Damper was originally created… Continue reading

Banana “ice cream”

I feel a little bit like I’m cheating by posting this as a ‘recipe’ as such, but I recently discovered that not everyone knows about frozen bananas! I was chatting to a friend… Continue reading

Christmas Pistachio Macarons

As you already know, I love macarons, so I decided to make some red and green macarons for Christmas (I was about to write Christmas this year but its actually last year now!… Continue reading

Tis the season to be busy…and make gingerbread

Ok, so firstly I have to apologise for my lack of posting in the month of December. With Christmas and multiple family birthday’s its been a very busy month, but that doesn’t mean… Continue reading

The Best BBQ Pork Ribs…EVER

Sticky, tender, juicy BBQ pork ribs have to be one of my absolute favourites, in fact I could probably eat my weights worth of them if I had the chance. My go to… Continue reading

Xmas is a comin…

If you’ve been anywhere near a shopping center recently, you would know that Christmas is fast approaching. The decorations are out, as is the scary advertising telling you its only 6 weeks till… Continue reading

My current food obsession…pulled pork

Sweet, juicy, smoky, pulled pork is my absolute favourite, in fact my friends would tell you I’m a little obsessed with it. The authentic US southern BBQ style is cooked in a smoker,… Continue reading

I love Macarons…

Macarons, the ‘it’ sweet of the last few years. Rightfully so in my opinion too, good macarons really are divine. And if you’re lucky enough to have Adriano Zumbo macarons, you will forever… Continue reading