Wait, are those roses made out of Bacon?

bacon roses

So what do you get for the guy that has everything he wants already? Well, something involving bacon is often a good idea (unless they’re a vegetarian then it may need to involve ‘facon’ – yes that’s a thing).

To give you a bit of background, last year I think I outdid myself for my brothers birthday by creating a ‘Bacon Gift Box’. I basically made up a gift box with everything bacon related I could find. Starting with fancy bacon from the gourmet grocer, a bacon cookbook, t-shirt with the logo ‘you had me at bacon’, homemade bacon peanut brittle, to even the kinda gross stuff like bacon dental floss, lip balm, air freshener, and bacon mints. It was a hilarious hit…


So how on earth could I top that for this years birthday gift! It was a big ask but I think I may have done it with a bunch of amazing Maple Bacon Roses, yes you heard me right – bacon roses!

I have to admit I am not responsible for coming up with this idea, I first saw it on Not Quite Nigella’s blog here. Regardless, it was an absolute success! I wasn’t sure how they would turn out, but they looked amazing, and they tasted pretty good too!

bacon roses

Maple Bacon Roses

– 12 slices of streaky bacon (streaky bacon can be hard to find in Aus, so if you can’t get it just buy full rashers of bacon and cut off the shortcut section)
– Maple syrup
– Bunch of plastic roses from the local dollar store


First prepare the plastic roses by pulling off the roses from the stems. Keep the inner parts so that you can put it back together and push the green rose base further down the stem so that there is a one inch stem coming up the middle where the flower used to be (this is what you will secure the bacon roses over). Given them a quick wash with warm soapy water.

To make the bacon roses, roll up the bacon from the wider end to the smaller end. Secure the rolled up bacon with a toothpick and then cut the rind edge off, this will also give it a flat base to stand upright while cooking. Cook the rolled up bacon roses on a wire rack over a baking tray (this is so the fat can drain off throughout cooking) in a preheated oven at 190 degrees c for 30mins.

After 30mins take the bacon out of the oven and brush them all over with maple syrup, return the bacon to the oven for an additional 10mins. When the bacon is done, remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly before assembling.

To assemble, remove the toothpicks and push the bacon roses over the protruding stems on the plastic bunch of flowers. Give to your lucky recipient and watch them devour the best darn flowers ever given.

bacon roses 2

Enjoy! x