Jamie’s 30min recipe challenge

THE COOKBOOK = Jamie’s 30min Meals

THE RECIPE = Rogan Josh Veggie Curry, with rice, carrot salad, lemon pickle, and chapattis

THE CHALLENGE = can it be cooked in 30mins?

The Problems = Firstly, I just have to say that this is a chaotic way to cook. There’s no taking time to re-read the recipe properly and enjoy the process, its all rush rush, move on to the next thing asap, don’t worry about picking up the stuff you just dropped all over the floor kinda cooking, and that’s not really for me.

Secondly, I have to note that most of the recipes in the cookbook are based on people using processors with slicing or grating attachments, and I didn’t use one. I went old school and used a normal grater, so I’ll deduct say 5-7 mins for that extra time.

The other issue I have with it, is that once you get behind time it really throws out the cooking times for everything else because the recipe doesn’t say things like ‘simmer for 10mins’ it just expects that by the time you’ve gotten to that step its been the right amount of time. So due to that, my rice probably sat for too long, and the chapattis ended up a little crispy as they were in the oven longer than they should have been.

The Positives = The meal was really tasty. I’m a big fan of the veggie curry, and the grated carrot salad with it was something I hadn’t tried before but I think I may now be addicted to it. I was also impressed at the amount of food I was able to cook in the time frame – a curry, rice, side, pickle and chappatis! Usually I’d expect that kind of spread to take at least 1 1/2hrs to do.

The Verdict = Well, it took 57mins in total to cook, take off a few mins for my lack of a processor and we’ll call it 50mins even. So no, it couldn’t be cooked in 30mins (well not by the average joe anyway). But in saying that, it was very tasty and I would definitely cook it again, however in my own leisurely pace next time 🙂

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As you can see it made a lot of food! But worth the try cos it was very tasty!