Something sweet to start this off…

It seems only fitting to start this whole thing off with something sweet. Baking anything sweet is how I love to spend an afternoon… Only trouble is, I really have to make sure I do it when I have plans to see friends or family so I can get my fix and then offload the rest so I don’t end up the size of a house! Ah moderation blah blah… In saying that, this lovely gooey chocolate cake wasn’t offloaded at all, I had a bad week so get off my back alright šŸ˜›

Nothing beats a simple plain gooey chocolate cake with chocolate cream frosting, mmm. I’ve found that Donna Hay has some of the best and easiest chocolate cake recipes to make. This one was a bit of a combo of two Donna Hay recipes (cake from one, frosting from another) and oh so good. Don’t be afraid to mix and match from recipes, sometimes you just know what you want and tailoring it really works.

Quick tips for baking cakes:

– Make sure your eggs and butter are at room temperature
– Make sure sugar is dissolved properly when beating, check it by rubbing a little mix between your fingers, if you feel grains keep beating!
– Don’t over beat the mix after you’ve added the flour
– Don’t open the oven door whilst its cooking! Resist the urge until within 10mins of it being ready.
– Make sure your cake is completely cool before icing it, otherwise the icing will just melt off

And please, don’t stress if your cake cracks on the top. Yes I know it doesn’t look as pretty, but don’t sweat it, just cover it with icing and no one will know! Plus it will still taste mighty fine with cracks and all…